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Boxing Classes For Kids in Salem, MA


Explore Our Kids & Youth BoXING Programs

With over 25 years of boxing experience, and as a SafeSport trained USA Boxing coach, Eddie Alvarez, creates a safe environment for our boxing classes for kids and youth. Whether your child is looking to gain self confidence, learn self defense, or improve overall fitness, our kid and youth boxing programs can help.


When your child joins Alvarez Family Boxing, the whole family becomes part of a community focused on family health and fitness. We’ve supported numerous families on the Northshore since 2020, and happy to have you join us!


Children & Youth Boxing Training

As parents ourselves, we know first-hand how important movement is for kids' extracurricular activities. Some of the benefits of our children's boxing program include focusing energy into a healthy outlet, stress relief, hand eye coordination, balance, and improved cardio endurance.

Additionally, boxing is an excellent sport to cross train with other youth sports programs like hockey, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, wrestling, football, baseball, and softball.

It’s easy to get started with minimal equipment – your child just needs a pair of boxing gloves.

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Kids & Youth Boxing Class Options

Each class is 1 hour in length and varies in intensity depending on the age group. All classes will include a well-rounded workout to learn boxing fundamentals consisting of footwork drills, head movement drills, mitt work, and heavy bag work.

Pricing Options

Drop-in Packages
1 visit is used for each class and open gym time attended

1 visit, $25

5 visits, $100 ($20 per visit)
10 visits, $180 ($18 per visit)

**Drop-in packages have 90 day expiration**

Unlimited Monthly Auto-Renew

This option is best for youth 13+ who train 3+ days per week


Includes unlimited gym visits for group classes, open gym times, and amenities
**No commitment: month-to-month unlimited package auto renews each month until canceled** 

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